The epay integration module as a universal checkout interface

Universal cash register integration with additional functions

Payment transactions is in a state of flux. The integration of terminals into the cash register is becoming increasingly complex due to different protocols, constantly growing requirements, market conditions and different hardware components.

That’s why epay has developed the epay integration module (IM) to easily connect payment terminals to the cash register. The epay IM acts as a universal POS interface or driver and thus enables a fast connection of all common payment terminals without having to directly support the respective POS interfaces of the payment terminal. The epay IM does not require reintegration when changing POS.

Furthermore the epay IM enables prepaid/gift card options and activation solutions.

In addition to the classic card payment, value added services are made available without much additional effort, such as:

  • QR payment methods
  • Prepaid SIM card top-ups and gift cards
  • DCC
  • Reverse receipt printing
  • Tip function

The epay IM also acts as a checkout integrator for alternative payment methods such as:

With over 1 billion users, Alipay is the largest payment platform in China.

Over 800 million WeChat users use the popular payment method WeChat Pay.

PayPal Pay is the payment method of the PayPal app, which has over 377 million users worldwide.

The Austrian payment method Bluecode is integrated by many partner apps as a payment solution.

epay amazon pay

Over 300 million customers worldwide rely on the Amazon Pay payment method.

Huawei Pay is the payment method of smartphone manufacturer Huawei and is now also taking off in Germany.

The epay IM is available as a client (Windows & Linux) for checkout and as a web interface in the cloud.

Our success stories

“To ensure a smooth and uncomplicated connection of the hardware and to be able to offer our customers a wider selection of terminals, we decided to use the epay integration module.”

Oliver Grünler

COO, Visitate GmbH & Co. KG

„We have been working very successfully with epay for more than 20 years. In particular, the short communication lines, the innovative solutions, as well as the cost-effectiveness, have strengthened our belief that epay is exactly the right partner for us in the growing payment market. Without the epay integration module and the appropriate terminal, it would not have been possible to install payment solutions in the bus project. This enabled numerous customers to benefit from cashless payment in public transport.“

Sascha Wiczynski

Sales Electronic Banking and Payments, Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold

“We are experiencing rapidly changing customer and guest expectations with regard to new and modern forms of payment at the point of service. The close collaboration with epay enables us to both react quickly to customer wishes and to change the go-to-market model sustainably in the future to the benefit of our customers. With the epay integration module, we can save many future individual developments due to the given flexibility.”

Thomas Baur

COO, Zucchetti Switzerland SA

“The configuration and connection of the various terminals from different manufacturers to the SCHAPFL cash register system has been enormously simplified with the epay integration module. Our support effort has been reduced and simplified enormously due to this standardization.”

Peter Schapfl

Managing Director, SCHAPFL IT-Scannerkassen GmbG


  • Plug & Play Integration
  • Cost and time savings
  • Comprehensive API documentation
  • Simple starter kit for smooth integration
  • Supports all common POS terminals and card payment functions
  • Value-added services (VAS) such as mobile top-up, gift cards and APM (e.g. Alipay & WeChat Pay) can be processed
  • VAS possible even if POS terminal does not support it or is not available
  • Future-proof: continuous maintenance and optimization of the interface
  • E-mail support during the entire runtime of the integration module

Developer Portal

With the Developer Portal, you have direct access to all important information, technical data, licensing and integration guidelines for the epay integration module.

  • Code
  • Specs
  • Licensing
  • Change Logs & Release Notes
  • FAQ
  • Integration Guidelines
  • First Steps

Technical specifications

  • Protocol: ZVT cash register interface
  • Operating Systems: Windows (32-&64-bit) & Linux
  • Supported terminals: Ingenico, Verifone, Worldline, CCV
  • Connection types: TCP/IP (WLAN/LAN), serial (RS232), USB

POS terminals

Current POS terminals that are supported:

  • epay Android POS Terminals A920 & A77
  • Ingenico Tetra Family
  • Verifone Engage Series

Discontinued POS terminals that are supported:

  • Verifone H-5000
  • Ingenico TELIUM Family
  • ATOS Worldline Yomani

Find more information regarding epay POS terminals here.



Debit and credit cards (all schemes), Alipay, WeChat Pay, Bluecode, Huawei Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay


Debit and credit cards, two tip variants


Debit and credit cards (all schemes), Alipay and WeChat Pay


Debit and credit cards

POS terminal display as ECR screen

to enable use cases like digital receipts by showing a QR code on the POS terminal’s display


Cash withdrawals at the POS with girocard

Prepaid mobile phone

Pin-printing for topping up prepaid credit (mobile communications / branded payments)

Gift card

Activation & deactivation of gift cards by scan

Digital Receipt Management

to automate and digitize the storage of merchant receipts

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