The epay integration module as a universal checkout interface

Universal cash register integration with additional functions

Payment traffic is in a state of flux. The integration of terminals into the POS system is becoming increasingly complex due to different protocols, constantly growing requirements, market conditions and different hardware components.

That’s why epay has developed the epay integration module (IM) to easily connect payment terminals to the checkout. The epay IM acts as a universal checkout interface that enables smooth integration of all common payment terminals without having to integrate each of them individually.

epay acts as an acquirer for alternative payment methods such as Alipay, WeChat Pay, Bluecode, Huawei Pay and many more.

With the epay IM, we enable you to accept current as well as new alternative payments at the POS with just one interface and to react to trends quickly and easily.
Many other services are available to you via the epay IM, including: 

  • Special cards (fuel cards, meal vouchers)
  • Gift, loyalty and bonus cards based on barcode and magnetic stripe methods
  • Voucher and credit cards

The epay IM is available as a client (Windows, DLL, …) for the POS and as a web.


  • Plug & Play Integration
  • Cost and time savings
  • Comprehensive API documentation
  • Simple starter kit for smooth integration
  • Supports all common POS terminals and card payment functions
  • Value-added services (VAS) such as mobile top-up, gift cards and APM (e.g. Alipay & WeChat Pay) can be processed
  • VAS possible even if POS terminal does not support it or is not available
  • Future-proof: continuous maintenance and optimization of the interface

Request a demo and more information or get partner access for all technical integration information.

Technical specifications

  • Protocol: ZVT cash register interface
  • Operating Systems: Windows (32-&64-bit) & Linux
  • Supported terminals: Ingenico, Verifone, Worldline, CCV
  • Connection types: TCP/IP (WLAN/LAN), serial (RS232), USB



Debit and credit cards (all schemes), Alipay, WeChat Pay


Cash withdrawals at the POS with girocard


Debit and credit cards, two drinking money variants

Prepaid mobile phone

Pin-printing for topping up prepaid credit (mobile communications / digital content)


Debit and credit cards (all schemes), Alipay and WeChat Pay

Cash cut, diagnosis and initialization

of the POS terminal


Debit and credit cards

Gift card

Activation & deactivation of gift cards by scan

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