We have the right POS terminal for every requirement

epay terminals for smooth payment processing at the POS

We offer you a wide range of terminals that are set up exactly to meet your needs, supporting all payment methods you want to offer. This makes the payment process easy, convenient and fast for your customers – and also hygienic with contactless payment options.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between classic terminals for stationary and mobile use or a new, innovative generation.

For an increased shopping experience in the store, there are innovative retail and personalization features that compete with the online experience.

We will of course be happy to advise you and implement the terminal according to your wishes.

Take advantage of our terminals

  • All common payment methods
  • Terminals compliant with the latest safety standards and regulatory requirements. For more information to TA 7.2 and DC POS 3.0
  • Improved customer interaction through multimedia offerings
  • 3rd party services possible at the point of sale
  • Secure management, processing and reporting of transactions on behalf of our partners
  • Universal Protocol, with which retailers communicate with epay and its partners
  • For merchants who already have an ECR Integration: epay Terminals work with all ECR APIs that are ZVT based.
  • For merchants who do not yet have an ECR Integration: to epay Integration Modul (ZVT-based, for Windows and Linux ECRs)

Choose your ideal POS terminal

Our wide selection makes it easy to find the ideal terminal for your business needs.

Note: All terminal specifications without any guarantee!

Your independent network operator

Thanks to our latest certified POS terminals, you can start selling in no time at all.

Automated module
powered by epay


  • PIN activation, redemption and deletion for content-related PIN services
  • MTU activation between consumers, retailers and mobile operators
  • Payments, money transfer, taxfree services, currency translation services at the checkout
  • Acceptance of alternative payment mechanisms & card acceptance
  • Providing cash-in/cash-out validation capabilities between retailers and partners
  • Payment of invoices, tolls, lotteries and parcel collection
  • Gift cards, activation, redemption and cancellation of chit cards
  • Printing when receiving PIN/MTU content
  • Handling vouchers, coupons, and other related promotions that require third-party validation

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