Value-Added Services

Provide real value for the optimal payment experience

What distinguishes an optimal buying experience? Additional benefits that are not expected.
As a leading full-service payment provider and one of the fastest growing networks for global digital commerce services, epay offers numerous value-added services. Whether cash withdrawals at the terminal, tipping function, conversion into the usual currency and much more – at epay we understand what your customers want and implement it with you.


Adding value to products and services is very important as it:

  • complements your core products and services
  • provides competitive advantages you can offer to your clients
  • enhances the user experience to meet customer needs more efficiently
  • stimulates additional demand for your core products and services
  • provides consumers with an incentive to make purchases and thus generates additional revenue
  • is easy to integrate with epay

Cash withdrawal

When paying with credit cards and girocard, offer your customers to withdraw cash via the payment terminal.

Tipping function

With the epay tip function, your customer can easily pay by card and reward the service with a tip at the same time.

QR code payment

New QR payment options for your customers: AliPay+, WeChat, PayPal & BlueCode.

Gift cards

activation & deactivation of gift cards (e.g., Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, etc.) by scan.

Prepaid Credits

Your customer can purchase call credits for their mobile phone and select the desired telecommunications company.

Integrated voucher system

The cards can be ordered by the dealer himself via the Internet.

Android POS-Terminals

Save time and costs with these revolutionary 4-in-1 smart POS terminals.

Digital Receipt Management (DRM)

to automate and digitize the storage of receipts.


With Dynamic Currency Conversion you can offer your customers from non-euro countries payment in their home currency.

Money Transfer

Facilitate your customers’ international money transfer, including exchange rate, deposits and withdrawals.

Tax-Free solutions

Allow your non-EU customers to get VAT refunded in the easiest way.


Secure rental income, more quality of service and new customers through own ATMs.

POS terminal display as ECR screen

to enable use cases like digital receipts by showing a QR code on the POS terminal’s display.

e-Ident solution

You can offer your customers on-site and fraud-proof identification, thus immediate activation of the product they have just purchased.

Subscription services

for subscription-based and buy-now-pay-later payments.

we drive the payment journey of the future