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Android POS Terminals

Android POS terminals are revolutionary in terms of combining the full features of an Android tablet with a powerful payment terminal. These smart POS terminals make it possible to bring different services to the desk of the merchant on one device: merchants do not require any further devices.
The Android POS terminals are as easy to use as smartphones. In addition to the payment application, the merchant can install various useful apps directly on Android POS terminal.


  • One device – multiple services
  • Modern and compact design
  • Saves space and costs
  • Adaptable to merchants’ needs
  • Easy to equip with new apps and options
  • Easy integration in merchant infrastructure environment
  • Accepts all payment methods that a traditional POS terminal does


Traditional POS terminals

  • Certified according to the latest regulatory standards
  • Contactless payments possible
  • Acceptance of girocard
  • Acceptance of all common credit cards

Android POS terminals

  • Certified according to the latest regulatory standards
  • Contactless payments possible
  • Acceptance of girocard
  • Acceptance of all common credit cards
  • Acceptance of all common mobile QR payment methods
  • Payment application and B2B apps combined
  • Easy integration to ECR

epay Android POS terminals

epay Andoid POS Terminals meet the daily requirements of all merchant environments with their helpful functions.


  • Possible to install 3rd party Android apps in secured environment from App Store for a variety of use cases. Possibility of having not only the payment application but various apps on one device at the same time
  • Capsuled Android OS: ensures maximum security
  • Contactless payments possible
  • Acceptance of girocard and all common credit cards
  • Acceptance of all common mobile and QR payment methods
  • Certified according to the latest regulatory standards
  • Payment application and Value Added Service apps combined
  • 2 cameras for barcode or QR code scanning
  • 5″ IPS Touchscreen
  • Simply set up a WLAN / Bluetooth connection
    for 4G use: SIM card can be optionally used

Terminal epay A920 | Android 7.1.2 (capsuled) | 2GB DDR3 SDRAM, 8GB EMMC Memory | Cortex A7 Quad Core 1000Mhz Processor | 5250mAh Battery | Multi-Channel Communication | 2.4GHz + 5GHz WiFi| Chip&PIN, NFC and Magnetic Stripe Card Reader | Dual Cameras | Integrated high speed thermal printer

Terminal epay A77 | Android 8.1 (capsuled) | 2GB DDR3 SDRAM, 16GB EMMC Memory | Cortex A53 Quad Core 1400 MHz Processor | 5250mAh Battery | Multi-Channel Communication | 2.4GHz + 5GHz WiFi | Chip&PIN, NFC and Magnetic Stripe Card Reader | Dual Cameras | No printer

Technical integration

Integrating Android POS terminals to the merchant infrastructure environment is the same as integrating the traditional POS terminals. Just replacing the traditional POS terminal with an Android one is enough. Thanks to ZVT support, the terminal will work with the existing ECR connection.

Method 1: Connected with ECR in the local network                                                                      

Method 2: 3rd Party Application (e.g. ECR App) on the POS Terminal

Use Cases

Use Case: Restaurant

For restaurants being fast means optimizing table turnover (serving more people faster) and more revenue. To perform daily tasks, the restaurants need many devices. The waiters carry all these devices as they approach the tables to serve the customers, which is inconvenient. Moreover, the extra walks to the cash register are time consuming, which can lead to revenue loss.
Android POS terminals make it possible to have it all in one device. They can be easily connected to ECR via ZVT, nothing additional is needed. With Android POS terminals, waiters save unnecessary walks thanks to the payment and ECR applications on one device (incl. printer). This leads to faster and more convenient processing of orders and payments, which means higher sales for the restaurant.

Use Case: Retailer

Android POS terminals offer various advantages for retailers. As a retailer, not only can you accept card payments and alternative payment methods, but also, you can benefit from loyalty functions, couponing, dynamic currency conversion (DCC), tax-free and many more features offered by epay. With Android POS terminals it is also possible to have both the payment application and various apps on one device, e.g., an app for shop inventory.
Thanks to the integrated dual cameras, printer, and high-capacity battery, Android POS terminals are easy to carry. Being able to offer seamless checkout experience with walking cashiers in the store is a nice addition.

Use Case: KYC e-ident solution

The potential for retailers to offer their customers fraud-proof identification and immediate activation of the product they have just purchased on location is possible with Android POS terminals too. This offers more convenience and better user experience for customers buying products that require on-location identification via electronic ID card.

Use Case: Furniture installation

Android POS terminals bring cashless payments to furniture assembly services. In addition to putting together their furniture, you can offer your customers wide range of cashless payment methods.
Android POS terminals embrace the ECR application on the terminal: the furniture assembler can easily carry it to the customer’s home, where he assembles the furniture. Android POS terminals are adaptable to your needs and easy to equip with new apps. With this it is possible to, 1) use your service app (e.g. CRM system) on the device and 2) offer your customers variety of payment options like girocard and credit card payments, and alternative payment methods.

Use Case: Craftsmen

Android POS terminals also bring along opportunities for the service providers like locksmith, plumber, electrician, glazier, carpenter, cleaning, etc.. These smart POS terminals make it possible to charge your customers for the provided services right after the job is done.
Once done, the craftsmen select the provided services on your app (e.g., ERP or CRM system), which is installed on the Android POS terminal. What comes next is the payment via the combined payment application on the same device. The offered broad range of payment methods make the whole experience even better.

Use Case: Food delivery

Charging the customers for the delivered food cashless and at their door – now it is possible with Android POS terminals. With compact and modern design Android POS terminals are easy to carry.
With Android POS terminal there is no need for a separate terminal for online orders: you can simply install your food delivery/order management app on the device.
Moreover, in addition to girocard and credit card payments, you can offer your customers convenient alternative payment methods. Your customers can also tip cashless with tip functionality on Android POS terminals, activated by epay.

Complete card acceptance

girocard is probably the best-known debit card in Germany, which can be used to make contactless payments almost anywhere.

With Mastercard debit and credit cards you can pay safely, faster and worldwide: both in store and online.

With Visa debit and credit cards you pay flexibly and securely in more that 200 countries and over 61 million points of acceptance worldwide.

Maestro is a Mastercard debit card for worldwide cashless payments and use of ATMs.

V Pay, the Visa debit card, is a European payment card based on EMV technology with PIN function.

AMEX, the abbreviation for American Express, offers various credit cards, which, among other things, convince with their own bonus program.

The credit card, which has about 50 million cardholders, is issued almost exclusively in the United States.

The bedrock of credit cards has been a popular means of payment since its beginnings in the 1950s.

There are around 28 million acceptance points for the Chinese UnionPay credit card around the globe.

JCB, the abbreviation for "Japan Credit Bureau", is a Japanese credit card bank whose credit card can be used to make payments mainly in Asia & the US.

Acceptance of alternative payment methods and mobile payments

Alipay is the largest payment and lifestyle platform with over 1 billion users and has over 54% market share in the online business in China.

WeChat Pay is among the most popular payment solution with +800 million active users, fully integrated with WeChat's social and messaging application.

Benefit from the acceptance of payments via PayPal app, which is trusted by 29.1 million users in Germany & over 377 million worldwide.

Bluecode is a European mobile payment solution and integrated as a payment method in many partner apps.

Using Apple Pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch is fast and reliable.

Google Pay. The simple and fast way to pay in stores, in apps or on the web.

Huawei Pay. The new payment service from the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei.

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