Digital Receipt Management

epay offers Digital Receipt Management (DRM) as a value-added service to automate and digitize the storage of merchant payment receipts. With DRM a merchant saves time at the checkout and also needs less receipt rolls, since no merchant receipt is printed. Hence, DRM is a sustainable, digital solution. Additionally, the storage of paper-based receipts is error-prone because there is the possibility for merchants to lose a receipt. With DRM retailers can search and retrieve the receipts from the Digital Receipt Management instantaneously and support their consumers faster.

Comparison traditional vs. digital


Risk of losing data and receipts
• Manual signature recording
• High risk of receipt loss
• No reliable traceability of business transactions

More difficult processes
• Receipts are collected at the cash register
• Difficult to view receipts after archiving                                                                                       

Resource, time, and cost intensity
• Manual receipt handling
• Costly warehousing


Data and receipt security
• Signature recording directly on the POS terminal display or via the signature pad
• Reliable archiving of receipts
• Avoidance of receipt and quality loss

Process optimization
• Simplified processes at the checkout
• Receipts can be viewed at any time and in a targeted manner via a web portal
• Future-proof processes through early digitization

Resource, time, and cost savings
• Manual document handling is no longer necessary
• Warehousing is not required

Use Case: DRM for direct debit transaction receipts

The DRM offers higher value for merchants, especially with direct debit transactions (SDD). The mandate is given with customer signature on receipt. A customer has the right to return the direct debit in 8 weeks for valid mandate, or in 13 months for invalid mandate. In this case, the merchant has obligation to provide proof. For this the merchant must store receipts for months and searching for the receipt is time-consuming and troublesome.

With DRM the customer signature can be recorded digitally: this is possible either via the signature pad or via the POS terminal display. The digital receipt can be stored in the web portal, where searching for the receipts is fast and easy. This makes the whole experience smooth and saves valuable time both for you and your customers.

Procedure & management

1. The signature is recorded on the terminal display or via the signature pad (if the terminal has no touchscreen display). epay offers the following advanced POS terminals with a touchscreen for DRM: Ingenico Move 5000, Ingenico Desk 5000, Ingenico Lane 5000, and other terminals on request.
2. The signature is inserted digitally in the merchant receipt.
3. The signed receipt is stored in the electronic receipt archive as a PDF.
4. The documents can now be accessed via a web portal, downloaded and used for following processes.

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