QR code payment

The future pays contactless – with PayPal

Benefit from the acceptance of payments via PayPal app, which is trusted by 29.1 million users in Germany and over 377 million worldwide. In addition to the familiar online payment option, PayPal now offers your customers the option of conveniently scanning a QR or barcode in stationary retail and paying with their smartphone via the PayPal app. With PayPal QR payment technology, you enable your customers to make secure and contactless payments on-site at the store. Payment at the POS is made via cash register integration.

PayPal – the brand users know and trust, now also in stationary retail. Create acceptance with epay and offer your customers to pay with this popular payment method!


  • At the forefront of the digital payments revolution
    for more than 20 years
  • Contactless payment without entering a PIN
    or signing a receipt
  • With PayPal, your customers can conveniently pay with their preferred payment method stored in their account, such as bank account, debit card or credit card
  • Low implementation effort via epay cash register connection

This is how you pay

QR Code Payment accepted at
within seconds

To process PayPal transactions at the POS, we support Merchant Scan: The user generates a QR code as well as a barcode in his PayPal app on his smartphone and the merchant scans the code via the POS scanner. For this, the user must be online.

The payment is contactless, without touching the PIN Pad
of the terminal
and without a receipt signature.

we drive the payment journey of the future