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Alipay is more than just paying

Your stores in the Alipay app

Alipay is a Chinese online payment system of the Alibaba Group and is one of the largest lifestyle platforms in the world with more than 1 billion active users.

In addition, Alipay is also used for payment via smartphone at the POS or in e-commerce. Payment is made at the POS via cash register integration or terminal via the Alipay app. Alipay records more than 100 million transactions per day.

You too can create acceptance for payment via QR code and thus secure sales from the affluent customer base from Asia.


  • New customer potential through 1 billion active users
  • Low implementation effort via epay cash register connection
  • Through various advertising formats, merchants are able to target Chinese customers via the app, issue coupons and encourage them to visit their store.
  • epay is an official Alipay marketing partner and offers European merchants not only payment acceptance but also individual marketing packages
  • Alipay offers official campaigns in which merchants can participate and thus increase traffic to the store

This is how you pay

Variant A – Dealer scans

  • Customer clicks on Alipay app after then on ‘Pay’
  • Dealer scans QR code from customer mobile phone

Variant B – Customer scans

  • Customer clicks on Alipay app and clicks ‘Scan’
  • Dealer scans QR code from customer mobile phone

Payment & Marketing at the same time

There is almost no way to reach Chinese customers with classic marketing campaigns via Western platforms.

As an official Alipay marketing partner, our dedicated epay marketing team will take care of your presence in the Alipay app. With our individual marketing packages, we support you in presenting your stores in the app and implementing interactions with app users.

  • Payment & marketing in the Alipay app at the same time
  • Brand building – create brand awareness in China
  • Participation in official Alipay campaigns in coordination with our marketing team
  • Direct contact with the +900 million Alipay users

Making full use of potential

We know the Alipay Ecosystem and show you the right options – in the app or in your store. We build your presence and point out to customers and potential customers the acceptance of Alipay. We take over the media planning, implementation, promotions and train your employees.

Store Information

Let Chinese customers view your product before they arrive at your store. With Alipay you will see your business information, your products and get instructions on how to find you. All translated into Chinese.


Advertise with tailor-made offers. With vouchers you gain attention and increase buying incentives.


By filtering by keywords, Chinese tourists will find your business in different categories. This allows your company to stand out from the crowd when it searches for products and brands.


In your profile, Chinese customers will find all the contact information they need. Just get contacted by phone or email before your visit.

Pictures & Videos

Show potential Chinese customers what your store offers with the help of store and product images. You will increase the chances of a store visit!


Alipay is linked to China’s largest review portals, so your customers have access to valuable information directly in your profile.

The last mile at the POS is crucial. We offer performance-based support models, supported by digital POS management.

Marketing & Promotions

  • Media Planning & Implementation
  • POS Advertising Material & Displays
  • POS Promotion
  • Multichannel Promotion

Merchandising & Training

  • Sales Training
  • Training your sales staff
  • Placement Optimization
  • Merchandising

success stories

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Alipay available in the Swiss kiosk market for the first time via Margot

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New service for Chinese guests

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