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Unattended vending machines are used when transactions are processed during the sales process without any physical presence of sales personnel. During these payment transactions at unattended vending locations, special challenges arise because the payment process is not accompanied by sales personnel. Payment processing via self-service must be designed to be particularly user-friendly, error-free, and reliable. In addition, the used hardware must be protected against the effects of weather, theft and vandalism.


  • Acceptance of a wide range of different integrated payment methods, coupled with inventory management
  • Robust and vandalism-proof, thus low maintenance costs
  • Secure payment, using international hardware and software standards, as ISOs, PCI, EMVco
  • Simple and user friendly, and thus avoiding erroneous payment transactions


Use Case: Parking ticket vending machines in parking garages, public parking lots, etc.

In parking garages, the smooth payment process is particularly important. Here, things have to move quickly to avoid long waiting times at peak times with high volumes. Our solution offers a fast payment process - our special solutions, such as contactless payment at the gate, make the payment process easier for the end customer.

Use Case: Ticket vending machines in train stations, airports, etc.

An intuitive payment process is essential for ticket vending machines: many different international customer groups must be able to understand and execute the payment process intuitively. Our solution offers an intuitive payment process and simplifies the checkout process for the end customer.

Use Case: Retail vending machines for self-checkout

Self-checkout in retail is becoming increasingly important and is reducing waiting times for customers by making more checkout counters available. Here, the payment process must be highly intuitive, as customers often still need to be convinced to use them, and a positive payment experience is crucial for this. Our solution offers a particularly simple payment process and avoids confusion during the payment process for the end customer.

Use Case: Charging stations & gas pumps

At charging stations & gas pumps, card payment is often the only payment option and here, a successful payment process is essential for the end customer to ensure their mobility. We have the ambition to guarantee a secure payment process at any time.


Card reader
Contactless reader
Card reader
Contactless reader

Complete card acceptance

girocard is probably the best-known debit card in Germany, which can be used to make contactless payments almost anywhere.

With Mastercard debit and credit cards you can pay safely, faster and worldwide: both in store and online.

With Visa debit and credit cards you pay flexibly and securely in more that 200 countries and over 61 million points of acceptance worldwide.

Maestro is a Mastercard debit card for worldwide cashless payments and use of ATMs.

V Pay, the Visa debit card, is a European payment card based on EMV technology with PIN function.

AMEX, the abbreviation for American Express, offers various credit cards, which, among other things, convince with their own bonus program.

The credit card, which has about 50 million cardholders, is issued almost exclusively in the United States.

The bedrock of credit cards has been a popular means of payment since its beginnings in the 1950s.

There are around 28 million acceptance points for the Chinese UnionPay credit card around the globe.

JCB, the abbreviation for "Japan Credit Bureau", is a Japanese credit card bank whose credit card can be used to make payments mainly in Asia & the US.

Use Case:

Parking garage of the future

The basic parking garage is a thing of the past – the first mobility hub is opening in Cologne at the start of September and is set to catch on. It not only has parking for drivers and cyclists, but it also provides a comprehensive service and mobility offering – without barriers, tickets or the need to look for small change. The operating concept from KairosRed, PPP, and epay also opens new opportunities for property owners and managers.

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