QR-Code Payment

Cross-border payments with UnionPay

UnionPay International (UPI) is a subsidiary of China UnionPay.

It provides services to the largest cardholder base in the world . China UnionPay alone has billions of users. Outside mainland China, UnionPay has issued over 190 million cards.

Working with more than 2500 institutions worldwide, UnionPay International enables card acceptance in 181 countries and regions, as well as card issuance in 77 countries and regions. UPI strives to provide the most cost-effective, high-quality and secure cross-border payment services.

With UPI QR Code Payment, merchants and consumers can only make transfers using their smartphones.

Be innovative and take advantage of the large number of cardholders by giving your customers the opportunity to pay via QR codes.


  • In China’s home market, the service has become one of the most popular QR code payment methods.
  • More than 13 million merchants in 96 countries and regions outside mainland China now support UnionPay mobile payment method
  • Low cost as QR code payment requires less investment as it works on any smartphone and merchants reuse existing facilities
  • Secure payment solution with risk control measures and explicit liability assignment that enable better authentication and real-time transaction monitoring
  • Complex add-on services that enable flexible implementation by extending payment experiences with value-added services

The UnionPay APP

  • UPI QR Code Payment allows merchants and consumers to make transactions using their smartphone
  • The app allows customers to improve their payment experience through value-added services such as promotions or loyalty programs

Features at a glance


  • QR code (CP and MP mode)
  • NFC (payment service for pays)
  • P2P Transmission
  • In-APP

Value-added services

  • Bank offers aggregation platform
    Utilities, mobile top-ups…
  • Tax payment / refund
  • U-Plan Coupon Platform
  • Smart parking, e-medicine, …

Bank Card Management

  • Balance inquiry
  • ATM Finder
  • Tier II account (virtual bank card) application
  • Credit Card Refund / Application
  • Transaction history
  • Tracking of expenditure

For Customers

  • 1. Provision of a UnionPay card for first-time use
  • 2. Creating a payment code in the app
  • 3. Scanning of the specified code by the dealer

For Dealers

  • 1. Provision of a UnionPay card for first-time use
  • 2. Scanning the merchant’s QR code by the cardholder
  • 3. Confirmation of the transaction by the cardholder

UnionPay QR-Code Payment

Be innovative – give your customers the opportunity to pay via QR codes!

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