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B2B report: Collaboration with REWE as ticket partner – Beatrice Egli „Volles Risiko“ Tour 2023

Tickets for Beatrice Egli at REWE

Cologne, 24 November 2022:

Following the successful start to the new REWE Tickets service, REWE is now offering exclusive advance sales for an artist for the first time. From November 26, 2022, tickets for Beatrice Eglis’s 2023 Volles Risiko tour will be available to purchase exclusively in REWE stores and online from the REWE ticket shop. 

A collaboration between the concert organizer MSK Meistersinger and the food retailer REWE is making this possible. From November 26, 2022, fans of Beatrice Egli can get concert tickets for her 2023 Volles Risiko tour exclusively from all participating REWE stores. 

Thanks to the over 3,700 REWE stores in Germany, the Beatrice Egli tour will enjoy a marketing presence at bricks-and-mortar advance sales ticket shops that has not been seen in years. 

This is made possible by a ticketing solution that the full-service payment provider epay and ticketing and live entertainment provider CTS Eventim implemented at REWE recently. 

The result of this is a unique and prominent advance sales situation for the artist. With the ticketing solution having already been introduced at REWE and sister company PENNY, the partners can jointly generate sustainable growth and sales momentum. The exclusive collaboration between REWE and MSK Meistersinger has a solid foundation with the well-known Schlager music star Beatrice Egli. 

Beatrice Egli has been one of the most popular and successful artists in German-language pop Schlager for almost ten years. With her rousing power mix of modern sounds, contemporary lyrics and her special Swiss charm, Beatrice Egli has made a significant contribution to dusting off the Schlager genre and inspiring a new, young audience. After gaining countless top awards and millions of enthusiastic fans, the personable Swiss singer is starting a brand-new creative chapter in 2022: with a new producer and label partner, she demonstrates a new, multifaceted sound with the single “Volles Risiko” and yet remains instantly recognizable. Her tour of the same name starts in November 2023. 

Just in time for the start of advance sales, a big Saturday night show will take place on November 26, 2022: The Beatrice Egli Show will be broadcast from 8:15 p.m. on MDR, SWR and the Swiss SRF TV channel. 

Straightforward ticket purchases at the supermarket are a fantastic solution for customers and our artists. As a partner, we are very happy to support this new and innovative sales format. We are very glad to have Beatrice Egli on board at this early stage. This means the fans can benefit from simple ticket purchases and look forward to great live events.

– Reinhardt Grahl,
Managing Director MSK Meistersinger

I am very pleased that the tickets for my upcoming Volles Risiko tour are going to be available exclusively in REWE stores. This means that every fan has the possibility of getting hold of their ticket locally. I can hardly wait to celebrate together with my fans on my tour. I am already eagerly working on the stage show—it’s going to be really special. I am currently putting together a thrilling show with my team, taking songs from my new album as well as all my hits. It’s going to be spectacular!

– Beatrice Egli

With tickets available both from stores and online, we are offering our customers real added value. Alongside their groceries, they can book and purchase the tickets in-store for the next event or the next concert of their favorite artist or band, all without making an extra stop at the ticket shop.

– Stefan Weiss,
Director of Sales at REWE

REWE is increasing its attractiveness to both existing and new customers as an all-round supplier by expanding its range to include tickets for popular cultural and musical events. 

The food retailer is responding to ongoing consumer behavior with this important step, recognizing that they prefer to visit only one store for all their shopping. Customers can now also get event tickets at their favorite REWE store alongside their weekly grocery shop.

How ticket sales at the REWE supermarket checkout work

Consumers select the event and seat they want directly at the service point in the REWE store, reserve their ticket and receive a printed voucher. They then present this voucher at the checkout together with the rest of their purchases and pay for everything together using their preferred payment method. The event ticket is then sent via email once payment has been made successfully. 

Online REWE customers can also book and pay for the new ticket service in the REWE ticket world in the web shop at

2023 tour dates 

Oct. 14 Munich: Circus Krone
Nov. 11 Stuttgart: Liederhalle (Hegelsaal)
Nov. 5 Wiesbaden: Kurhaus
Nov. 6 Halle (Saale): Steintor Varieté
Nov. 7 Bochum: Starlight Express Theater
Nov. 20 Hamburg: Stage Operettenhaus
Nov. 27 Berlin: Friedrichstadtpalast
Nov. 28 Hannover: Theater am Aegi

Tickets are available exclusively here from 11 a.m. on November 26, 2022: REWE

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