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VAT refund through tax-free shopping

For retailers, (non-EU) tourists are a lucrative target group (€2.5 billion in sales in 2018). To tap into this, epay offers the opportunity for merchants to provide tax-free shopping services. This allows non-EU customers shopping in Europe to have their VAT refunded. The resulting price advantage increases end-customer satisfaction and provides an additional source of revenue for retailers.

epay works with cooperation partners. The provider here is agnostic (Global Blue, Innova Tax-Free or others). A dealer’s commission is made by agreement.

Tax-Free is possible via cash register (ECR) / POS / form.

Tax-Free via POS:

  • Ingenico Tetra Series
  • Verifone Engage Series
  • Electronic Tax-Free (eTFS): via GB Card or cell phone number possible

Tax-Free via ECR:

  • epay cash register integration module (for Windows & Linux)

The consumer can get a refund via credit card, cash (to all cash points) or via APM (Alipay & WeChat Pay) within 72h to a maximum of 10 business days. Advance payments in the store are also available upon request.

Your benefits Tax-Free Shopping

  • Increasing the end customer satisfaction of the tourist target group with purchasing power
  • Dealer commission as additional income
  • Increase of the average basket
  • Free choice of provider between innova Tax-Free, Global Blue, etc.
  • On request: express refund (VIP services with advance refunds in 48h)
  • On request: digital processing via cash register, POS or browser (e-Tax-Free)

Your benefits Tax-Fee via cash register / POS

  • Easy to use
  • Minimized effort due to elimination of manual forms
  • Accelerated cashiering process
  • Minimization of input errors
  • Automatic recognition of tourists via PAN
  • Reducing fraud attempts
  • Online dealer portal

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