epay SoftPOS solution

Transform your smartphone into a POS terminal

SoftPos enables acceptance of contactless payments made with cards and any of its virtual equivalents on merchant’s Android device – no matter whether smartphone, tablet or other handheld device.


  • Cost-effective as no additional hardware is required
  • Improved mobility and flexibility
  • Easy setup and scalability
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Adaptable to merchant needs through integration with cash register apps
  • Secure payment acceptance



epay SoftPOS is a revolutionary solution that allows merchants to accept contactless payments through an app on an Android smartphone, tablet, or other handheld device.

epay SoftPOS solution requires compatible devices to function properly. It is important to ensure that the SoftPOS software is compatible with the operating system and hardware specifications of the intended devices.

epay SoftPOS only supports Android devices. The Android device must contain an Android version supported by Android with updates. Android version 10 or higher is required for proper functionality of SoftPOS.

Android OS must be an official Android OS, incl. Google Mobile (SafetyNet) services, neither CustomROMs nor rooted devices are supported.

The Android device needs to have an integrated NFC interface.​

Enterprise Devices must be verified. Depending on the status of the handheld provider, hardware manufacturer, permission from Visa/Mastercard must be available for verification.​

Installation of the SoftPOS app is possible via Google Play Store and also via own app stores (e.g., with Enterprise devices).

Technical integration

The payment initiation app “app2pay” is required in stand-alone operation to trigger the entry of the amount. Triggering a transaction in app2pay automatically starts the PhonePOS app in the background. The app2pay functions can also be replaced by a cash register app, which must be integrated with the PhonePOS app via the mAPI interface.

Onboarding process – activating PhonePOS app

Card acceptance

girocard is probably the best known debit card in Germany, which can be used to make contactless payments almost anywhere.

Mit Mastercard Debit- und Kreditkarten bezahlen Sie sicher, schneller und weltweit: im Geschäft und beim Online-Shopping.

Mit Visa Debit- und Kreditkarten bezahlen Sie flexibel und sicher in über 200 Ländern und Regionen sowie bei mehr als 61 Millionen Akzeptanzstellen weltweit.

Maestro ist eine Debitkarte von Mastercard zur weltweit bargeldlosen Zahlung sowie Nutzung von Geldautomaten.

V Pay, the Visa debit card, is a European payment card based on EMV technology with PIN function.

Acceptance of mobile payments

Using Apple Pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch is fast and reliable.

Google Pay. The simple and fast way to pay in stores, in apps or on the web.

Huawei Pay. The new payment service from the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei.

Use Cases

Use Case: Queue Busting

SoftPOS offers a convenient solution for reducing waiting times in scenarios at a theater, cinema or event venues. With SoftPOS equipped device, shop employees can move along the queue and approach customers waiting to make purchases.

Use Case: Sales consulting

SoftPOS provides a valuable solution for sales consultants, enabling them to offer personalized recommendations to customers and streamline the purchase process. With SoftPOS equipped devices, sales consultants can approach the customers, provide expert advice and conveniently process payments on the spot, eliminating the need to visit a cash desk and wait in line.

Use Case: Food trucks

SoftPOS brings convenience and modern payment options to food trucks, enabling customers to make card payments directly at their favorite mobile food vendors. With SoftPOS equipped devices, food truck operators can securely and easily accept card payments on the spot.

Use Case: Craftsman services

SoftPOS provides craftsmen and tradespeople with a versatile tool for accepting payments on-site for their services. Whether it is a plumber, electrician, handyman, or any other artisan, SoftPOS allows them to securely process card payments from customers right after completing a job. This not only eliminates the need for cash transactions but also enhances the overall customer experience. Customers benefit from being able to pay conveniently using their preferred payment cards.

Use Case: Delivery services

SoftPOS enhances the efficiency of delivery services by enabling delivery drivers to accept card payments at the customer’s doorstep. With SoftPOS-equipped devices, drivers can securely process payments for goods or services, providing customers with a convenient and contactless payment option, without the need for an additional hardware. This streamlines the payment process, reduces the reliance on cash, and improves the overall customer experience.

Use Case: Transportation services

SoftPOS can be used by taxi drivers, ride-share drivers, or other transportation service providers to accept card payments from passengers. This eliminates the need for passengers to carry cash and allows for quick and secure payment processing at the end of the journey.

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