Additional services

Integrated voucher system

epay has made it a mission to implement a simple voucher system on the POS system that can be used immediately and by any retailer. The prerequisite for this is only a suitable payment system from epay as well as the voucher cards ordered and activated for this purpose.

Supported features at the POS:

  • Charging the card
  • Debiting a turnover from the charged value
  • Credit query
  • Cancellation of a top-up or debit

The cards can be ordered by the merchant himself via the internet under Once registered, he can arrange the order of the desired cards at any time and directly.


  • Low process costs
  • Fast cash flow
  • Remaining balances (breakage as in general 5% – 10%)
  • Ideal advertising placement at the POS, as directly in the field of vision
  • New customer acquisition & customer loyalty
  • Low risk of theft, since use is only possible after charging

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