Indirect Clearing

Get revenue bundled & save costs

By default, there is one booking to a merchant account for each girocard transaction. Especially for merchants with many transactions and/or several branches, the number of the mentioned booking entries increase rapidly. This results in high costs for merchants, as banks usually charge a fee per booking entry.

epay has developed an indirect clearing system in which all girocard transactions are centrally credited to a escrow account, accumulated and transferred to the merchant account as one booking.

This saves the merchant accounting entry fees.

  • The interim account is opened by epay as a excrow account, with existing permission according to ZAG.
  • epay provides a sales reporting via CSV file to enable the allocation of sales.
  • Indirect clearing is possible for girocard transactions.

Indirect Clearing+

  • Combine the advantages of direct clearing and indirect clearing and receive the value at your bank the das after the transaction

    with indirect clearing. (best case)

  • epay bears the direct debit risk, merchant is not liable.


  • All daily transactions and transactions of all branches are accumulated and booked as a collective transfer. This does not create many accounting entries, as the number of transactions is reduced.
  • No hidden costs: bundled payouts save the often hidden accounting costs.
  • Full transparency: one reporting of all individual transactions for quick allocation of sales.

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