First omnichannel movie gift card now available all over Germany

Omnichannel movie gift card

Martinsried (München), 17. October 2019:

  • New digital solution for the movie gift card is issued by cadooz
  • Via Kinogutschein.de, the gift card for the four large German movie groups Cinestar, Cineplex, UCI and Kinopolis can now be used online, instore and mobile for the first time and can be redeemed at 180 cinemas
  • Thanks to a new connection to the technical platform and the sales network of gift card expert epay, it is already available at over 20,000 POS and numerous online shops throughout Germany

The first omnichannel movie gift card has come onto the market in time for the main movie season in fall and winter. It exclusively unites the large movie theater groups: Cinestar, Cineplex, UCI and Kinopolis. Valued at 25 euros, the new movie gift card can be used anywhere: in stationary retail, online and mobile, it therefore offers high added value for stationary and online retail, as well as for movie theater operators and consumers.

It is already available throughout Germany at over 20,000 retail points of sale, including supermarkets and convenience stores, discounters, drug stores, gas stations, electronics stores and kiosks, and additionally via reputable online platforms. It is redeemable at around 180 participating movie theaters.

New digital solution and new sales channels by epay improve market access

The new movie gift card is issued by cadooz, the business division within gift card expert epay which specializes in incentivization. For the implementation of the digital omnichannel solution of the gift card, epay provides its technical platform. This digital solution, which is replacing the previous movie gift card, enables significantly larger market access to stationary retailers and online platforms, as well as targeted promotional campaigns as an additional marketing tool.

This will provide new impetus for customer contact and reach further audience groups in movie theaters in time for the start of the main season in fall and winter. Last year, over 105.4 million moviegoers went to German movie theaters, according to the German Federal Film Board.

Movie gift card

New revenue driver for retailers and movie theater and an attractive Christmas present for consumers

Gift cards are becoming increasingly popular. This is confirmed by the trend survey “Gift cards in the digital age”, by epay and Plentyco. The survey shows that, after birthdays, Christmas is the main occasion when respondents buy gift cards.

New convenience for movie fans with derKinogutschein.de

Stationary, online, mobile: the boundaries in retail are becoming blurred, and consumers want offers which work seamlessly in every channel. Up to now, however, the barriers between individual sales channels were still very much in evidence for movie gift cards, in particular.

For example, movie gift cards which were purchased as a gift in stationary retail could not be redeemed online at the respective movie theater website. This meant that online seat reservation, or indeed the entire online ticketing process, could not be used.

These problems are solved by the new gift card “KINO Geschenkgutschein”. For the first time, movie gift vouchers can now be purchased both at stationary retailers and online and later redeemed on the www.derkinogutschein.de website, digitally during online ticketing on the movie theater website, or used at the movie theater itself to buy snacks and beverages. Consumers also have the opportunity to give friends and family a movie gift card with additional features such as a free greetings card without switching media. This creates a seamless connection between the digital and physical world – which makes the new movie gift card an ideal omnichannel product.

„With a placement among the top 10 most popular gift cards, the movie gift card is also a strong customer loyalty tool and revenue driver for retailers and movie theater operators.“

– Volker Patzak,
Director of Content Acquisition at epay & cadooz

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The company offers a portfolio of gift cards (prepaid, closed loop and digital media), business incentives and payment solutions (card acceptance, terminals, e-commerce, mobile and Internet of Payment) for omnichannel commerce, and offers its services thanks to its proprietary cash register integration software. epay is a division of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT), a Kansas-based company which earned $2.5 billion in revenue in 2018, employing a staff of 7,100 employees and serving customers in 170 countries.

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