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epay wins ALDI SÜD as customer for add-on promotions

Payment and gift card expert epay’s digital solution works without cash-register integration and connects offline and online customer retention

epay wins ALDI SÜD as customer for add-on promotions

Martinsried (Munich), January 7, 2020:

epay, a leading full-service provider for prepaid and payment solutions in Europe – and part of the listed global payment network Euronet Worldwide Inc. (NASDAQ:EEFT) – has won ALDI SÜD as a customer. The collaboration includes recurring monthly add-on promotions in the valuable non-food segment. Customers will receive an ALDI SÜD gift card when they buy selected promotional items.

“Our digital solution for ALDI SÜD makes generating and authenticating gift cards possible through our technical platform without the cash registers in the stores needing to be adapted. It was therefore possible to realize the implementation at a particularly low cost and within a few weeks.”

– Stephan Heintz,
Senior Director Issuing epay

The payment service provider’s technical platform is particularly flexible, and is capable of handling the add-on promotion and many other transaction-based and code-based projects, such as gift-card and prepaid solutions. Numerous value-added services for customers can be efficiently set up with or without cash-register integration.

The first add-on promotions for ALDI SÜD have already been well received. High-quality electrical products such as a bread machine, which had almost sold out by the time the promotion ended, and a microwave and a kids’ active sitting stool attracted great consumer interest. In the new year, the add-on promotions start with high quality items from the field of interior decoration.


The solution, which does not need cash register integration, works as follows


  • The ALDI SÜD customer receives a receipt when paying for the promotional item at the cash register.
  • The customer enters the details of their receipt on a website especially created for the add-on promotion, e.g. following current promotion (link will follow). These details are verified and authenticated through the epay platform. These details are verified and authenticated through the epay platform.
  • The customer receives the gift card by email or can download it. If they lose the gift card, it can be issued again by entering the data.
  • The consumer can then use the PDF gift card for their next purchase in any ALDI SÜD store.

“Due to the speed, flexibility, and reliability of our technical platform for digital solutions at the point of sale, I see great potential within Europe to gain more retailers for our couponing and value-added services, and to develop existing retailers.”

– Stephan Heintz,
Senior Director Issuing epay

About epay

epay is a world-leading full-service provider for payment processing and prepaid solutions that processed 1.15 billion transactions in 2018. The company has built up an extensive network of retailers with 700,000 point-of-sale terminals in 51 countries, to connect renowned brands with consumers all around the world. The company offers a portfolio of gift cards (prepaid, closed loop and digital media), business incentives and payment solutions (card acceptance, terminals, e-commerce, mobile and Internet of Payment) for omnichannel commerce, and offers its services thanks to its proprietary cash register integration software.

epay is a division of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT), a Kansas-based company which earned $2.5 billion in revenue in 2018, employing a staff of 7,100 employees and serving customers in 170 countries.

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