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Gift cards are so much more than payment options. They are considerable revenue boosters and at the same time unbeatable tools for marketing & customer service.

Offer your customers full cost control and easy payment processing, whether with voucher, gift or prepaid cards.

Together with you, we develop seamlessly integrated prepaid solutions incl. production, card logistics and intelligent category management.

Get access to the best-in-market

Benefits of digital commerce

Digital commerce as a revenue booster

Over the last year, we have all made an immense digital push in our daily lives. We ourselves have made more use of digital content and services and have sought new ways to share them with our families and friends.

Streaming, gaming, donation, online shopping, food, entertainment, education especially within our own four walls are an integral part of our daily lives.

In this context, easy access, secure payment, control over our credit and spending across all our digital platforms is more important than ever. The global gift card market is valued at $307 billion and is growing rapidly.

Participate in a global growth market!

push last minute gifting

your online commerce is 24/7 available for your community

increase your customer base and sales

gift cards are revenue generators and one of the strongest marketing and customer service tools

deal with the biggest brands in the word

become a destination for your consumers to stay in touch with the brands they love

Personalized – digital gifting

Not just a card, it’s an experience​

Enable customers to send gift cards digitally along with a personalized messages and images to recipients.

Digital gift cards are becoming increasingly popular with consumers, especially on holidays such as Mother’s Day, birthdays or Christmas. Score points with your customers and implement digital, personalizable gift cards with us.

We support you in your digital transformation with tailored voucher systems and digital gifting solutions for web and apps.

Fully integrated performance cloud

One connection, limitless connectivity

Whether web, app or in-store – we are your contact for digital solutions. With the epay API, only the sky’s the limit.


rapid availability of standardized solution.

powerful API

optional integration possibility of “Single Sign-On” (One Session without renewed login, sharing user data).

smooth workflow

providers facilitates the approval process.


full distribution capability of agency and buy/sell products.

safety first

fraud prevention and risk management powered by epay.

integrated content management

all daily operations are independently implemented by epay e.g. product import, updates, promotions.

we drive the payment journey of the future