That´s how retailers can now score points with their customers – digital voucher cards to make someone happy!

Digitale Gutscheine zum Muttertag

Changing customer needs, changing market conditions

Due to the mobility restrictions, customer needs in particular are changing permanently. Customers are striving for security and are shifting work, consumption and leisure time to their homes. Nevertheless, people want to stay in touch and not lose their emotional ties to one another.

These changed customer needs are also reflected in a changed demand in the voucher card segment: we have realized a significant increase in the categories mobile telephony, gaming, entertainment and streaming and can confirm a significant increase in online channels.

Great opportunity: Retail enables connectivity with digital offerings

Right now, digital commerce can enable its customers to stay connected with their families and friends, as well as their favorite brands and favorite stores. Especially on holidays such as Mother’s Day, for example, digital offers are more in demand than ever.

We help our business partners with their digital transformation with tailored voucher systems and digital gifting solutions for web and apps.

Digital Gifting for consumers

The contents can be chosen for the appropriate occasion, such as Mother’s Day, birthdays, the start of school or just as an encouragement for in-between times or as a simple thank you. ouchers, films or books can be given away to others, but also discounts, bonuses, coupons or special offers and accesses. By using smartphones and tablets, many contents do not even have to be printed out. Everything is virtual. From home – select, order, pay and send gift content!

Sending personalised gift cards by e-mail is very quick and easy in various shops, but also in apps. Simply select the occasion and an appealing motif, write a greeting and send it. In addition to the individual text, the date of dispatch can also be planned. This way the voucher arrives reliably on time.

Digital Gifting means more to your customers than just giving – it means staying connected to their friends and family:

  • Consumers can send gifts themselves and bring pleasure to others
  • Through vouchers from the fields of telecommunications, music, gaming, streaming or entertainment, they can send fun and entertainment to their friends and family
  • Consumers can choose whether they want to give a one-off treat with games, music, films or fashion or send entire subscriptions as vouchers
  • The personalised greetings and messages make the gift even more personal, and the motif and amount can be selected by the recipient
  • The vouchers are used to send joy, happiness, surprise, entertainment, favourite songs and series, living room concerts, virtual adventure trips and digital game evenings at the same time

In addition, consumers retain control over the costs of digital purchases and remain flexible in their choice of offers without being bound by contract.

Voucher cards mean more than just a payment method for you, too. As a powerful source of income and one of the strongest marketing and customer service tools, they are no longer just relevant for a young target group. Especially now, it is important to deliver the offer to the customer’s home and to make ordering and payment processes as easy as possible. This enables you to further retain your customers and address new target groups.

Together we will find the optimal solution for your business.


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