Additional services

Currency conversion directly at the terminal with DCC

DCC means Dynamic Currency Conversion.

epay offers your international customers the opportunity to feel at home and pay in their home currency. Thanks to this function, the customer can pay the purchase amount directly in their card currency and save themselves from tedious exchange rate conversions.

The POS terminal immediately recognizes the original card currency and independently and automatically offers payment in both currencies.

The customer has the freedom to decide at the touch of a button in which currency he would like to pay.

Your benefits

  • Attractive merchant commission on every DCC transaction
  • Available in all major currencies
  • Daily current exchange rate
  • No change to the previous payment processes
  • Transparency – immediate display of both amounts (card currency and euro) on the terminal
  • The cardholder can pay in his/her card currency
  • No matter in which currency the cardholder pays, the amount is always paid to you in euros

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