epay Germany – Quadruple Commitment to Environment and Society during the ‘Days of Caring’

In an era where social responsibility and ecological awareness are becoming increasingly important, epay in Germany actively, regularly, and for several years now, commits to the well-being of the community and the protection of our environment through the ‘Days of Caring’.

What are the Days of Caring? The Days of Caring are the cornerstone of epay’s social commitment. They offer employees the opportunity to volunteer and with support of the company for social projects in the region. These projects range from environmental protection measures to supporting social institutions, fostering not only a sense of community but also team spirit within the company.

Spring Actions 2024 Quadruple Commitment to Nature and Society

In April and May 2024, epay Germany, in cooperation with Caritas and BUND Naturschutz München, carried out four projects:

  1. Biotop work in Magdalenenpark Pasing: epay employees helped with the construction of raised bed coverings and the repair of snow and storm damage. The collaboration with the volunteers of BUND Naturschutz provided valuable insights into the work of conservation.
  2. Support for the Alveni Youth HouseFürstenfeldbruck: Here, a terrace was beautified with self-built herb shelves, and a former fitness room was transformed into a rest and prayer room for the young people.
  3. Daycare center St. Anna Hohenpeißenberg: For the first time, epay employees supported the daycare center by creating a separated and secure garden area for the nursery children.
  4. Further biotope work in Magdalenenpark Pasing: The employees engaged again in Magdalenenpark and supported various conservation works, including the construction of educational objects for school classes, the collection of plant seeds and the suppression of non-native and invasive plant species.


The Days of Caring demonstrate that collective action can have a strong impact. The 36 committed employees who participated this spring have proven that much can be achieved together. This spirit of togetherness and mutual support is what makes up epay’s social and ecological commitment.

Part of Euronet’s Global Vision:

As part of the global payment network Euronet (NASDAQ:EEFT), epay Germany understands the importance of sustainability and social responsibility. The Days of of Caring are an integral part of the company’s overall ESG strategy.
For more information, visit https://ir.euronetworldwide.com/esg

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