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Cash withdrawal via cash integration

Cash withdrawal

When paying with girocard and credit cards, offer your customers the service to withdraw cash via the payment terminal. The way to the ATM is thus no longer necessary.

Purchase with cashback allows a cardholder to conduct a transaction at a point-of-sale (POS) in a card present environment and request an additional cash withdrawal, as a part of the same transaction. Besides girocard, both Visa and Mastercard cashback allows you as a merchant to dispense cash to your customers at the point-of-sale, when they pay with their cards.

Important points regarding cashback:

  • Cash withdrawals are only permitted in connection with a card transaction to pay for the merchant’s goods and services.
  • Cash withdrawals with cashback must not exceed €200 for EC and credit cards.
  • There is currently no cash withdrawal with cashback minimum, neither for EC nor for credit cards.
  • Cash is paid out exclusively based on a mandatory authorization of the requested amount by the card issuer (EC card).


  • Increase in spontaneous purchases
  • No investment costs
  • Opening up new customer groups
  • Regulation of cash holdings
  • Reduce your cash disposal costs
  • Alternative to the ATM
  • Buying goods and taking cash with a Girocard PIN payment

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