How a Valentine’s Day gift card can provide networking and strengthen local commerce (in Germany)…

… for love:

For many Germans, Valentine’s Day is a welcome occasion to give their loved one a small gift. On average, they spend around 60 euros on it.

… for the love of a book:

How about a book as a gift this year that touches the heart? Many tend to go for the classics like flowers – but 61% of women and 48% of men in Germany also like to give a gift card (according to Yougov). With the new book voucher you can give away completely fast and simply book love as Valentine’s Day gift: The giving has always the suitable book gift and the presented one can select itself from the rich assortment of 2,600 local German bookshops its favourite book. The new book voucher is currently available at 700 Kaufland supermarkets in the value of 15 euros. Other points-of-sales in the German retail sector will follow. Thus, the new book voucher by epay and MVB connects local retailers with local bookstores and supports local shopping.

… for the love of their homeland:

The pandemic has changed shopping behavior and is driven by consumers’ increasing desire to buy regional products whenever possible and support local businesses in their own neighborhoods.

The book voucher from technology and information provider MVB and full-service payment provider epay is part of the new product family “Gutscheinfreude” (=voucher joy”). It also consists of Cinema, holiday, magazine themed vouchers and will be successively expanded. Further information on the new offer is available at: www.gutscheinfreude.de

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