QR code payment

Amazon Pay – Payment with the familiar smile

Amazon Pay is the payment service of the popular online platform Amazon.
With Amazon Pay, your customers can pay on tens of thousands of websites and many stores.

By accepting Amazon Pay, you make the payment process easier for them – due to the popularity of the app and the trust in it. This allows your customers to pay quickly and easilywithout having to create a new payment account.


  • QR/Barcode based mobile payment
  • > 300 million active customer accounts worldwide
  • Customer communication takes place via Amazon App
  • Customer loyalty through easy payment
  • Amazon credits can be redeemed at the retailer
  • Technique: Cash control of the MPI-Client Interface + QR-Scanner

Amazon Pay Online

  • Customer logs in to Amazon and pays
  • Payment and billing reports by Amazon

This is how you pay

  • Customer opens Amazon app and then clicks “Amazon Pay”
  • Merchant scans the QR code from the customer’s mobile phone

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